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The Half Hatchet


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More of a tool than an axe, the Half Hatchet is a lightweight, highly adaptable hatchet. Use it for chopping, trimming, as a hammer, for removing nails, or just for getting you out of that jam in which your latest adventure may have landed you. The head is forged of high carbon steel, coated in durable paint to deter rust and has a polished wide cutting edge with a beveled nail slot on one end and a striking face on the other. The Hickory handle is comfortable and straight grained. The Half Hatched weighs 1.5 lbs and has an overall length of 13 inches. The premium leather sheath protects the tool anduser. All Treeline axes come with an owners manual to ensure your axe stays sharp and performing well. Ships for free throughout Canada and the US. Made in the USA.

1.5 lb forged steel head
3.5 cutting blade with polished edge
Beveled nail slot
Head coated in durable paint to deter rust
13 Hickory handle with Gunstock stain
Handle hole for strap (strap not included)
Used for trimming, cutting and splitting.
Striking face is used for driving nails and stakes
Durable sheath with snap and belt slit is included
Made in the USA