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The Hudson Bay Axe


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Ships Free throughout U.S. & Canada

Said to originate from Spain, The Hudson Bay axe was popularized by the fur traders of the Hudson Bay region in Canada. The Treeline team selected this classic pattern for its versatilty and compact design: perfect for the modern day adventurer. The axe is lightweight enough for hiking (it weighs just over 2 lbs) but still packs a punch. Our 28 inch handle (before assembly) is long enough to provide excellent splitting and chopping ability but still light enough that branch and kindling tasks are a cinch. The handle is made from high-grade, straight grained Hickory and comes with a gunstock finish. The head is forged of high carbon steel, coated in durable paint to deter rust and has a polished 4 inch cutting edge. The premium leather sheath protects the tool anduser. All Treeline axes come with an owners manual to ensure your axe stays sharp and performing well. This is our take on a design that's proven itself over hundreds of years: an axe meant to be used and built to last a lifetime. Ships for free throughout Canada and the US. Made in the USA.

2 lb forged steel head
4 cutting polished edge
Head coated in durable paint to deter rust
28 Hickory handle with Gunstock stain
Handle hole for strap (strap not included)
Durable sheath with snap and belt slit
Made in the USA