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2-3 Person Rooftop Tent
Starting at $2,200.00 CAD

3-4 Person Rooftop Tent
Starting at $2,650.00 CAD

4-5 Person Rooftop Tent
Starting at $4,200.00 CAD

Does Camping Sound intimidating because of these?

Bad Weather

When wind and rain collapse your ground tent, you can end up muddy, soaked to the skin and miserable.

Rocky Campsites

Finding a camp site can be hard. Finding one that’s flat and rock-free is even harder. Nobody wants to sleep with rocks jabbing their hip

Complicated Setup

Wrestling with gear and setting up your camp can become an unwelcome “adventure” in itself.

Curious Critters

There are lots of things that go “bump” in the night, and curious critters are no exception.

Camping memories are measured in quality time.

And that means you spend more time enjoying the outdoors and spending time with those you love that you do setting up your tent.

been there, too.

Like every other passionate nature-lover on the planet, we’ve had our share of rough nights.

We know you just want to get outside and enjoy nature. To do that, you need a simple tent you can depend on. The problem is, ground tents and RVs can be complicated and frustrating, which can make you feel intimidated.  We believe going camping should be easy.

We know what it feels like to lose precious time outdoors because the tent or RV itself became an “adventure”. That’s why we’ve spent years developing innovative designs that we rely on ourselves every time we explore outdoors.

So find your dealer and buy your own rooftop tent today. And in the meantime, be sure to download our checklist, “Everything you Need for the Perfect Weekend Campout,” so you can stop spending your time wrestling with your gear, and instead enjoy an exciting new adventure outdoors.

Here’s what
people have said about our tents…

We purchased our Ponderosa for family camping for our family of four. We spent our first trip of a week in the tent and never needed to ‘get used’ to the mattress - it provided us with great sleeps. It also kept us and out gear perfectly dry in a few rainfalls, and ease of set up and stow away was quite nice also. It was money well invested. We are happy campers!

– Adam H, Newfoundland

I am very fussy about product quality & it was obvious from our first trip that the design, materials, and fit & finish, were top of the line. We’ve already covered well over 12,000 kilometers, and to top it off, it looks damn cool on top of my FJ Cruiser!

– Howard E, Ontario.

Our Treeline Roof-Top Tent has revolutionized camping for our family of 5. Our kids sleep better in it than at home. We love it and the kids think it's their tree fort!

– Cory and Andrea, Colorado.

We love our roof top tent! It makes camping with our little guy that much more exciting. One of our favorite things to do its load up the tent, pack some bags and see where the road takes us! Not only is this tent the coolest thing ever, but we like the fact that sitting up high helps protect us from all those critters out there! There's nothing quite like family time spent outside doing what makes you happy. The way our son’s face lights up every time we're outside gets me every time!"

Fayleana L, California.

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