Fly fishing and camping with the dogs – 2 of our favourite things!

Fly fishing is one of our favourite pastimes to do together with the pups in tow. Walking along the river beds, wading across streams and watching the fish rise will never get old. Being able to escape for the weekend with nothing but the truck, the rods and a rooftop tent is one of the best ways to get out, and it makes it so easy for us to do on a whim.

Spending the day on the water tires us out, especially the dogs after all the swimming and lounging in the sun, so being able to get to the truck and have a comfy bed all set up for an afternoon nap is the best way to unwind. Cooking dinner on the fire and relaxing after a “hard” day fishing is made easier with our roof top tent. We get to be out and enjoying the nature, without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Being able to get outside enjoying two of our favourite things, fly fishing and camping, fills our cups and makes our hearts full.


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