Hiking the Globe with Kids

Adventurous family Cory and Andrea Rasmussen live in Denver, Colorado with their three kids Liam (4), Elijah (3) and Finley (1).  

Cory and Andrea are just your everyday couple who have a longing to hike, travel and be out in nature; the only difference now is that they have kids. Before they got married they traveled and explored different parts of the world. Cory is a third culture kid who grew up overseas in Northern Pakistan and has lived in five different countries and travel to over 26 other countries. Andrea would say he is a little more than “well-traveled”. 

Once married, they settled down in Colorado. They have been there for 7 years and their love for traveling and being outdoors continues to grow. On most weekends you can find them out in the mountains hiking and exploring different parts of Colorado with their three kids and their Treeline Roof-Top Tent - Redwood Constellation. Hiking and being outdoors allows for them to slow down, explore and spend time as a family without any distractions.
Cory and Andrea share their adventures on Instagram @hikingtheglobewithkids to inspire other parents that having kids doesn’t mean the adventures have to end.