Expedia.ca x Treeline's 4 Reasons to Camp in BC This Winter.

Looking for reasons to get lost this season?  
Expedia.ca x Treeline give you 4 reasons to camp in BC this winter.

Expedia.ca x Treeline's guide to winter in the pacific northwest

Expedia.ca x Treeline's guide to winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Andy Best + Treeline Outdoors = Adventure

Our good friend Andy Best travelled across Alberta & 5 US states, racked up almost 10,000 miles and lived out of his Treeline rooftop tent. Now he shares the journey.

Expedition Video Clip

Here is another video of our recent adventures. The beautiful song is called 'Sailing' by an amazing band The Strumbellas.

Video Clip from Last Week's Adventure

Here is a little snippet from last weeks journey. The Jeep is packed and ready to go, and we are counting down the hours until this weekend officially begins.

Treeline Summer Rags are In!

Soft and breezy, made of light-weight tri-blend fabric, our Raglan tees are available in three-quarter and short-sleeved.

Teaser Video

Check out this convoy teaser from our campaign with Treeline Ambassador, photographer and friend, Andy Best. Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Expedition Sneak Peek

Last week, we set off on an epic journey into the mountains. We made a quick stop to fix a flat, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek of our trip so far.

Father's Day Is Next Weekend!

Father’s day is just around the corner, and if you’re like us, you find it really hard to find gifts for your dad. You know what we've realized? Your dad has everything he needs. So be a pal, and get him something he really wants!

Simple Man Sleeping Bag Review

We've been getting a lot very positive feedback from our customers, so we thought we'd share this recent review which was also published on Expedition Portal.