Expedia.ca x Treeline's 4 Reasons to Camp in BC This Winter.

4 Reasons to Camp in BC this Winter
Summer has said its final farewell, but that doesn’t mean your camping gear must hibernate until the first spring bloom. There are plenty of reasons to explore the great outdoors while a chill dances through the air, from fewer fellow campers to unique cold-weather sights and sounds. Still not convinced you should step into your long johns and sign up for an outdoor excursion? We partnered with Expedia.ca to bring you four reasons to visit national parks in British Columbia this winter:
 1. Fewer Elbows to Rub
From the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, you’ll find fewer people competing for space once the swell of summer holidayers dwindles. This means you can hike along the coast or take pictures of morning vistas without other tourists trying to get in on the same action. Go ahead, embark on the 9.5 km Long Beach Challenge run in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve now, while you won’t be tripping over other athletes.
 2. Fun Activities Galore
The bounty of spring and summer activities in BC may be unavailable until temperatures are on the rise, but that doesn’t leave you empty handed. Snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, and photography are just a few of the ways to spend your time during a winter camping trip. Spend your days in awe of the waterfalls at Yoho National Park, or stay in Mount Revelstoke National Park and gaze at the night stars from a mountain peak.
 3. New Natural Wonders
Camping in BC’s national parks in the summer often means long hours spent at the beach, or trekking through rainforest terrain. But come winter, the backcountry of places like Kootenay National Park open up a world of brand new landscapes and natural scenery. Take advantage of snowy trails perfect for cross-country skiing, and bundle up for a walk through white-capped forests.
 4. Different Challenges
Winter camping and adventuring calls for a different set of skills. You’ll need to bring more provisions when you spend time in national parks during the winter, and campfires become a necessary source of heat rather than just a way to roast some s’mores. If you really want to test your ability to survive in Canada’s great outdoors, there is no better way than a winter trip to a BC national park!
The cool winter air is calling you! Pack your boots and a sense of adventure and make your way into the expanse of British Columbia. Some unplugging could do you good, and there is plenty of fresh air to go around.