Mont Blanc

  Photographer: @brungraciano                                                                                                  Location: Mont Blanc
With signs of winter’s steadfast march increasingly present, snow is once again blanketing our summits, foothills and valleys below. Snow is that winter delicacy we anxiously wait for each year, formed by a precise cocktail of environmental and atmospheric conditions. Yet, far too often snow is characterized as this ambiguous mass, lacking individuality and character. An ongoing study by the California Institute of Technology has shed light on this misconception. Researchers have found that the life of a single snowflake is a unique and incredibly dynamic one, defined by an inimitable journey that shapes and moulds its structure. A journey during which a single snowflake may travel further than a mile over the course of a half an hour before it’s final shape and size is formed. All the while, this sole snowflake is at the mercy of the turbulent and ever-changing atmosphere, affecting each of its kind differently. And, this is the precise reason why no two snowflakes are alike. Next time you cast your eyes across a blanket of snow, keep in mind that this seemingly ambiguous mass is truly a collection of millions of unique snowflakes, each with it’s own aesthetic, tale and history.
                                                                      By Charles Post