The Lorax

Photographer: @elizabethgadd
Location: unknown

The mountain’s call is one that draws us to these vast seas of wildness, spaces that coax us out of our warm, down sleeping bags each morning with the temptation of adventure and escape, with assurance that room to unplug and the prospect of cutting loose from the ties of our day to day are immanent. These journeys high into the Rockies, Sierra, and Beartooths, or amongst the sinuous, ancient river channels and moonscapes of the southwest where red earth and big sky meet, provide the fodder for our soul, the affirmation of our unconditional love for wilderness. And it’s the very wilderness we revere, which is so often under threat from development, natural resource extraction, or poor management. We, as the sentries and guardians of the spaces who cannot speak for themselves are left with a task, one of forethought and thoughtfulness, a task of pouring the very energy we exert on a 10-mile hike into protecting these lands we cherish. Let’s be the stewards of this wilderness, The Lorax who speaks for the trees and mountains that we climb and explore, the protectors of these vast open spaces, our most sacred cathedrals.

By @Charles_Post