Our lust for adventure

Photographer @Greggboydston
395, the numbers alone evoke an overwhelming sense of wanderlust. It’s that road, that illustrious highway, the miles and miles that climb, bend and weave through ochre sagebrush, juniper, pinyon, ponderosa, and desert sunflowers. As we fly down cool mountain pavement, the fleeting responsibilities of that grind we call a day job now subsist as merely a recollection cascading out of sight, beyond the ocular limits of the rear view mirror. Though as much as the freedom of the open road captivates our eyes, nourishes the soul and fuels that aching lust for adventure, it’s those mountains that epitomize the rugged essence of this place, and tug your eyes skyward beyond the corn silk remnants of once cumulus and saturated cotton ball clouds who’s aqueous dregs remain as a powdered sugar garnish, as if to sweeten the already feast of a view.
By Charles_Post