Press Release: Treeline Outdoors Releases New Patent Pending Roof-Top Tents

- Treeline Outdoors lets campers kick off their summer adventure with innovative new Roof-Top tents-

Calgary Alberta, June 17th, 2014- Treeline Outdoors, a purveyor of enduring and classic solutions for the modern outdoorsman and outdoorswoman, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of Roof-Top Tents. Roof-Top tents offer campers the ability to camp above ground, which frees up indoor vehicle space, eliminates moisture from the ground inside the tent and allows for safe camping.

 The tents can be set up and taken down in minutes and come with a built-in, cloth-covered, high-density foam mattress that can stay inside the tent during travel. Treeline Roof-Top Tents are easily packed into a waterproof, compact case (the Tamarack model in the case weighs in at 97lbs), and it's worth noting, all Treeline Outdoors tents only need 37 inches of bar, so they fit onto most cars.

 “We have have been meticulous in the redesign of our Roof-Top tents and we believe we have created the most durable, efficient and enjoyable tents on the market. Built with specific Roof-Top functionality in mind, they don't necessarily follow the lead of today’s high-tech ground tents,” says Chad Kendrick of Treeline Outdoors. “We utilize a blend of old and new materials (280g poly/cotton, rip-stop canvas) to make an all season, hardy tent fabric with CU (waterproofing), flame retardant, UV resistant and mold/mildew resistant coatings that will withstand both the elements and the test of time.”

 The Company’s flagship product is their innovative Roof-Top tent, but they have since gone on to create a variety of hip yet classic camping solutions. The Roof-Top tents are the first of several new products scheduled to make their debut this summer. “Our Roof-Top tents began with a bear. An unexpected visit from a large grizzly bear is what initially pushed us to create the tent. Since then, we've built out our product line and brand in the hopes that we can inspire people to explore and appreciate the natural world around us,” says Kendrick. Tents are available now at

 About Treeline Outdoors:

Treeline Outdoors was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of outdoorsmen and adventurers. You can find them combing the back-roads of the Canadian Pacific Northwest in search of adventure and natural beauty, perfecting the art of camping as they go. Treeline Outdoors began with the introduction of the Roof-Top Tent and has since expanded to the creation of enduring and classic solutions for the modern outdoorsman and outdoorswoman. More information is available at, via email at or by phone at 1-604-317-4646.


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