Enamel Mugs

$23.00 USD

Treeline Outdoors enamelware relies on tradition & craft to create unique and practical mugs that you'll be able to pass down to your grandchildren. Made largely by hand in one of the few remaining factories of Europe's once mighty enamelware industry, the Treeline mugs use the same production methods that have gone unchanged for nearly a hundred years. Baked three times at over 850 Celsius, the mugs are lightweight and have extra reinforcing on the heavy wear areas to make them extra sturdy and capable of enduring even the most extreme adventures.


Light Blue & Brown
Double dipped, reinforced handles and rims
Baked three times at 850 degrees Celcius
Safe, non-toxic, free of lead or cadmium
Use over fires or stove
Dishwasher safe
3.5 tall, 3 circumference
Made in the EU