Treeline Outdoors began with a bear...

While camping in the wilds of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the founders of Treeline Outdoors met a large Grizzly Bear along the way. He came wandering through their campsite one night, trapping them in their ground tents. The night seemed never-ending, but finally they frightened the bear away. The campers knew there had to be a better way to camp: enter the Treeline Roof-Top Tent. This was the night that Treeline Outdoors was born.

Treeline Outdoors was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of outdoorsmen and adventurers in Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. You can find them combing the back-roads of the Canadian Pacific Northwest in search of adventure and natural beauty, perfecting the art of camping as they go. Treeline began with the introduction of the Roof-Top Tent and has grown to include a line of Premium Bush Tools, and gear solutions for anyone from the weekend warrior to the modern outdoor adventurer. 

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