These Tents Make Countless Memories Possible... and Comfortable

No matter how you define the perfect outdoor adventure, two things are true: 1) You can’t leave town on a whim if you don’t have an easy camping system; and 2) You can’t have fun if you haven’t slept.

Treeline solves both. And we love hearing our customers’ stories, like the one Justin Martini shared.

Justin serves on a wilderness trail crew for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “I’ve lived out of my tent seasonally for five years in Colorado, Montana, and Washington with countless trips in between,” he says. “My tent has given me the ability to live in a nonstop adventure in comfort.”

In the high desert, you can open all the windows and feel like you are cowboy camping without thinking about snakes and things that crawl. In Montana, you think about the Grizz a little bit less and when the snow hits you will be happy to not be in a slowly collapsing tent that's on your face in the morning. I got two feet of snow one November night and the poles held up, no problem. In Washington, the rain fly shed the water and the thick canvas wall kept out the moisture when the rain went sideways.”

While not everyone is as hardcore as Justin, it’s rewarding to know his Treeline tent has become a catalyst for adventure. “I can't imagine life without it,” he says. “These tents will make countless memories possible and comfortable.”


A Boy, a Girl, and a Bear

 For Treeline Outdoors Founder Chad Kendrick (and the entire Treeline Team!), running the business isn’t work. “We want to create innovative products,” says Chad. But it’s not just about features and gadgets. “More than anything, we want to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to get outdoors.”

As a child, the time spent exploring outdoors with his dad and brothers inspired Chad’s love for nature. “I want to give people the experiences that I had when I was a child,” he says. “I want to give that gift to every single one of my customers.”

But to truly understand the story of Treeline, you have to sit by the campfire and hear the story of a boy, a girl, and a bear.

“It all started when I was camping with my fiancée, Erin, in a ground tent,” says Chad. “Around 3 am, she woke me up in a quiet panic. We heard deep grunts, and realized a bear was rubbing up against the tent. I ran him off about three times, but we eventually ran to truck and sat there for the rest of the night. She was seriously afraid; and I understood, but I also (desperately) wanted her to love camping as much as I did. I had to fix the problem. So, I started researching and designing tents, and that’s exactly why Treeline exists.”



The Treeline Team

Treeline Outdoors isn’t a faceless corporation. And, the team isn’t selling just another tent on a retail shelf. Behind this brand are friendly Canadians who have personally tested every product they make and sell.

The Treeline team understands camping can feel complicated, which can give you an excuse not to go. You may tell yourself, “It’s too hard.” Or you may say, “Let’s try again next weekend.” But Treeline’s singular goal is to make it easy for you to get outdoors.  

How easy? We're just a phone call away.