At Treeline Outdoors, we want to help make your adventures as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, because we know just how important it is to get out of town and experience what nature has to offer with your family. Getting away to explore doesn’t have to be a lot of work, in fact, it can be easy. Our roof-top tents eliminate the struggle to find dry and even ground. Your family can rest comfortably and soundly elevated above the cold, hard, wet, uneven ground, and safely high up above any wildlife or predators that may be passing through below.

You and your family will spend more time discovering, and less time setting up and taking down. Our tents are designed with our quick release, hand tighten mounting brackets for an easy installation, and are delivered ready to go, no tools required. Setting your tent up or taking it down will only take minutes out of your action-packed expedition. In the evening, tuck the kids in and let them bask under the beautiful starry sky through the double skylights while the adults relax around the fire knowing that the kids are safe and secure. Your family will wake up well rested and fresh to an unimpeded view of nature through the roll-up style awning windows. Packing for a family can be tough, and that’s why we have left no space unused. The floor of your tent is constructed using a honeycomb aluminum material that is remarkably strong, yet lightweight and is equipped with utility hooks, shoe bags, and a cargo net for off the ground, dry storage. The dome shape of our tents is a well thought out characteristic of the design. When the tent is set-up, the shape is strong and resilient against elements like rain, snow, or wind, and when packed up, you will find plenty of room for the storage of bedding inside the aerodynamic and protective case.

Roof top tent packed up


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