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Equipped with your roof-top tent and not bound by the limitations that come with towing a trailer, no road, creek, stream, or season will hold you back from reaching that sweet spot. The deeper into the wilderness you get, the more you’re going to appreciate the safety and security that comes with having an elevated shelter along for the quest. No matter how far out of civilization your adventure takes you, you can feel comfortable sleeping off the cold, wet and uneven ground high above any animals or predators below.

The farther into the wild that you can get, the better. Treeline roof-top tents have been carefully crafted with you, the outdoorsman, in mind. Designed for a quick set-up and take-down, to be easy to use, and safe and comfortable in any weather, on any terrain. The resilient and moisture-shedding dome shape is fabricated using only the most durable weather and sunlight resistant materials, keeping unwanted light, precipitation, and wind out of your shelter and affording you a dry and comfortable rest in preparation for tomorrow’s hunt. When collapsed, your tent has plenty of room for the clean and dry storage of your bedding, and our aluminum honeycomb base is not only strong and lightweight, but it is well equipped with a cargo net, utility latches, and shoe bags for safe storage of any gear that you want to keep off the ground and dry. All of our tents come standard with a frost-proof window that spans the entire length of the awning, as well as roll-up style windows and the option for two large skylights to allow for natural light when desired and an unobstructed view into the nature surrounding you and the stars above you.

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Nissan x Treeline Outdoors:
Titan Arctic Challenge

Canada’s Arctic is a magnet for adventurers.  The goal is simple, to drive the Tuktoyaktuk ice road, for the first time for the team, for the last time for everyone. The journey will take three weeks and will cover over 8,500 km. Partnering with Nissan and Treeline Outdoors, the overland team will challenge both man and machine in a quest to reach the Arctic coastal town of Tuktoyaktuk.             To prepare for the trip, the team has built up the two 2017 Nissan Titan XD’s to be totally self-sufficient, carrying all the tools and supplies including a Treeline Outdoors Tamarack Roof-Top Tent with Annex. 
Nissan x Treeline Outdoors: <br> Titan Arctic Challenge - Blog

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