At Treeline Outdoors, we are proud to bring our roof-top tents and their innovative design to you, the explorer. Our shelters offer security and comfort in even the most inhospitable wilderness and are built to withstand whatever elements you may encounter on your journey. Our roof-top tents are constructed to be rugged and strong enough for any terrain, yet lightweight, aerodynamic and compactable enough to make them easily transportable. Every inch has been designed and crafted mindfully, putting this the tent atop the list of must-have shelters by outlander adventurers travelling to satisfy their hunger to explore the roads less travelled.

We design tents with the overland traveller in mind. Complete with top of the line, tried and tested materials for longevity and climate control, a resilient dome shape for protection against rain, snow, and wind, as well as clearance and economical fuel mileage during transport, and a honeycomb aluminum base to maximize strength while minimizing weight. Our practical design incorporates room for the storage of your sleeping bags and other bedding inside the collapsed tent, and the solid base is cleverly utilized with heavy duty anchors and space for up to thirty-five kilograms of storage, no usable space goes to waste here. Use the storage and utility anchors for hiking boots, waders, tools or any gear that you have along for the ride that requires a safe and dry storage space.