Weekend Warrior

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The only place your Treeline roof-top tent has around the workplace is in the memories you'll make with it over the weekend and in the stories you’ll share in the break room come Monday. Compact, lightweight, and easily transported, when your workday runs a little bit long and you’re going to be the last one to get to camp, your tent takes up the same amount of space as your vehicle and can be set up anywhere your vehicle goes. Built for tough terrain, and designed to withstand the elements, you’ll never have to miss another weekend around the campfire.

For your weekends spent with friends beyond the glow of the city lights, you’ll have more time to just simply enjoy. Treeline tents are engineered for a quick and easy set up so that instead of time wasted on extensive set-ups and take-downs, you can now spend your minutes off the clock the way you want to. Take in every moment of your late nights and let them turn into early mornings because rest comes easy when you’re comfortably elevated high above the cold, wet, and uneven ground. Feeling safe and at ease in your tent, you will sleep soundly above the wildlife and predators on the ground below.

Roof top tent packed up


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