Moving out of a traditional tent and into a Treeline rooftop tent may very well be the best decision you have made. With your rooftop tent securely fastened to the top of your vehicle, adventuring into the Canadian wilderness just got a whole lot more enjoyable. Treeline tents are designed in Canada using only tried and tested, high-quality materials for the strongest and lightest set-up, allowing you to go where you want, with ease. Every one of our rooftop tents are engineered to be aerodynamic and moisture-shedding to keep your car, truck, or van as streamlined as possible. From design and engineering to construction, Treeline tents are a labour of love, and we didn’t want to miss a thing. Your tent sets up and takes down in a matter of minutes, and when collapsed you will find plenty of dry storage space inside for your bedding, ladder, solar kit, portable urinal, and Annex.

It’s about time you had a tent that matches your enthusiasm for the outdoors. Hit the trails rain or shine without worrying about searching for a dry, even piece of ground to pitch your tent on, your Treeline rooftop tent erects with ease anytime, anyplace. Outfitted with dual frost-free skylights, a rooftop tent is the perfect place to fall asleep safely elevated above the wildlife below while taking in everything that the unpolluted nighttime sky has to offer. We didn’t create Treeline rooftop tents to collect dust, we made them to collect miles, memories, and adventures. We have designed every inch of our tents with the intention that it will be enjoyed often! Treeline tents are convenient and easy to set up and take down, securely fastened to your vehicle for superior wind protection, comfortable and safe to sleep in, simple to install and transport, tough and durable enough for the Canadian backcountry in any season, and long-lasting, but just in case you do encounter a problem with your tent, all of our rooftop units come with a 2-year warranty.



At Treeline Outdoors, our goal is simple. We want to make it easier for our customers to get out and enjoy nature without the limitations that come with traditional tenting and RVing. If you’re still wondering if roof-top tenting is for you, here are 10 reasons why we think you should choose Treeline.

Treeline’s patented rounded tent design. While in transit with your rooftop tent, the weather-proof case will protect your shelter from any rain or snow that you may encounter on your journey into the wilderness. When your tent is set up for the night, the round-shape design is engineered to handle wind, rain, or snow, giving you a dry and comfortable rest.

Rugged yet lightweight materials. Our extensive research and testing have helped us to determine the most functioning and long-lasting materials for your rooftop tent. We have found the precise thickness for protection from the elements and bright sunlight while minimizing the weight of the tent. All Treeline shelters (except for the Mojave series, which is made with 280 gram) are constructed with 380-gram Poly-Cotton Canvas, and the rainfly is made with 420 Denier Diamond Rip-Stop.

Frost-Proof PVC windows and dual skylights. Sleep under the stars and bring the outdoors inside by maximizing natural light. All Treeline tents come with dual sky-lights (except for the Mojave series, which comes with one) for stargazing and are standard with a full-length, frost-proof window in the canopy.

Quick-release, Hand-tighten mounting brackets. To make the installation and mounting of your rooftop tent as easy as possible, we have designed and developed our simple, yet robust quick-release, hand-tighten mounting brackets. Your tent is delivered ready to be installed, no tools are needed.

Strong and lightweight aluminum honeycomb base. Finding the ideal base was no easy task, but it was an important one. We needed a material that could be lightweight without sacrificing strength. Our aluminum honeycomb is the lightest, yet most durable base available, and it offers a higher insulation value than traditional aluminum or foam-filled alternatives on the market today.

The view is better with Treeline. Our patented roll-up awning windows offer an unobstructed view into nature. Conventional rooftop tents and their boxy window awnings limit the view from your tent into the great outdoors, and we don’t like limitations.

More efficient storage space. We have outfitted our 4th generation rooftop tents with extra-wide hinges, providing ample and easy storage for your bedding during travel. This seemingly small adjustment makes a big difference by freeing up space in your car, and making your set-up as easy as possible when you find that sweet spot for the night.

Solar-ready or solar-equipped. All of our rooftop tents come solar-ready, and we have teamed up with our friends and industry leaders over at Goal Zero to give you the option to have your tent come to you solar-equipped. Charge up your adventure with ease, we have incorporated four o-rings on our roll-up awning windows for your solar panels.

Cargo net, heavy-duty utility latches, webbing waves, and utility bags. Every inch of the aluminum honeycomb base is fully utilized with heavy-duty utility latches, utility bags, and a cargo net for the safe and dry storage of your camping gear and equipment. Each latch can hold up to 35 kilograms and is perfect for hanging gear like fishing rods, waders, paddles, or anything that requires storage off the ground. Our webbed cargo net and additional hooks supply you with additional storage for anything from kitchen utensils to rock climbing gear. Use your cargo net to keep your campsite organized and clear of clutter, and keep your shoes accessible and dry in Treeline’s patented breathable shoe bags that come standard with all Treeline rooftop tent models.

Ladder storage strap. Easily free up even more space under the tent vestibule with our ladder strap. Retract your ladder, clip the strap, and just like that you’ve got open access to this high-use space.

Looking for more information? Give us a shout at 403.933.3200 or email info@treelineoutdoors.com and we will be happy to hook you up!