Why Choose a Roof-Top Tent?


If you haven’t looked into roof-top tents as a viable outdoor shelter, you’re missing out. These tents fit securely to the top of your car and can be set up in minutes, making them practical and easy-to-use. Treeline tents use lightweight, top-of-the-line materials to cut heft and beef up performance. Our roof top tents have an aerodynamic curved profile for minimal drag, which is great for gas mileage, overhead clearance and shedding rain or snow when fastened to your vehicle. They can also store your bedding and supplies, including the ladder, his and her camping urinal and solar kits, and there is even an option for an annex if you need extra living space or shade.

If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a tent, make sure it is one that you are going to love and use regularly. We believe our products are worth every penny and feel this may be the best tent you will ever own. The advantages of having a roof top tent are numerous and worth noting. With a roof top tent, you are off the ground and away from any dangerous animals such as spiders and snakes. You will also have a better ventilation and a much better view of your surroundings. Since roof top tents are securely attached to your vehicle, it has far superior wind and rain protection than a regular tent. You will never get flooded or have to pick up a mucky tent again. Best of all, with having your tent above ground, you will never have to search for a dry, flat spot to peg in your tent. A roof top tent allows you to set up in remote locations and camp wherever or whenever you want.

At treeline, we are committed to customer satisfaction and that is why we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our roof top tents.


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10 Reasons to Choose a Treeline Roof-Top Tent


Here at Treeline, we are passionate about simplifying your journey into nature, making it as easy as possible to set-up anywhere adventure takes you. Here are 10 reasons to choose a Treeline Roof-Top Tent.


  1. Rounded (not Boxy) Tent Design We designed our Roof-Top Tents with a rounded, aerodynamic body style for the ideal shedding of the elements like wind, rain and snow.
  1. 380g Poly-Cotton Canvas Tent Body & 420D Diamond Rip-Stop Rain Fly After researching and testing tent materials, we determined that the ideal thickness for protecting from the elements, minimizing weight and keeping the light out so you can sleep in - is a tent body made from 380 gram Poly-Cotton Canvas and a Rain Fly made of 420 denier Diamond Rip-Stop.
  1. Frost-Proof PVC Canopy Window and Dual Skylights Our tents come standard with a full-width frost-proof PVC window in the awning. Dual skylights are offered for all of our tent sizes without. From stargazing to extending your view into nature, maximizing natural light brings the outdoors in.
  1. Quick-Release Hand-Tighten Mounting Brackets To make your Treeline Roof-Top Tent as easy as possible to install and mount on your vehicle, we’ve developed our patent-pending Quick-Release Hand-Tighten Mounting Brackets. Your tent arrives complete and ready to install - no tools required.
  1. Aluminum Honeycomb Base We searched far and wide to discover a base material for our tents that would minimize weight and maximize durability. Aluminum honeycomb. Not only is this the lightest and most durable base material available on the market today, it offers superior insulation to traditional aluminum and foam-filled base alternatives.
  1. Patent-pending Roll-up Awning Windows Conventional Roof-Top Tents limit views with boxy window awnings. Our patent-pending roll-up awning windows offer unrestricted views of nature, giving you the best view in the treehouse.
  1.  Extra-Wide Hinges For our 3rd generation of Roof-Top Tents, we’ve increased the width of the hinges for easy storing of bedding during travel. This not only frees up space in your vehicle, but it makes setting up simple and efficient when you’re ready to camp.
  1. Goal Zero Solar-Ready We’ve partnered with our friends at Goal Zero, the industry leader in portable power, to make it easy for you to stay charged up on your adventures. We’ve incorporated four O-rings on our signature roll-up awning windows for solar panels and inside the lighting.
  1. Cargo Net, Utility Latches & Patented Shoe/Utility Bags  We’ve utilized every inch of our aluminum honeycomb base with the addition of heavy-duty utility latches and a cargo net. Each latch will hold up to thirty-five kilograms of free weight and is ideal for hanging gear like waders, paddles or fishing rods that you’d like to keep safe and dry. The cargo net helps to keep your camp clean, keeping your gear off the ground and organized. A Treeline innovation, our patented Shoe/Utility Bags come standard with all models of Treeline Roof-Top Tent. Tuck your shoes away at night, keeping them out of the elements, dry and accessible.
  1. Ladder strap To free up space under the vestibule, we've created this ladder strap. Simply retract the ladder and clip the strap - perfect for keeping the ladder up and out of the way in this high-use area.   


Want to learn more? Please give us a ring at 403.933.3200 or email info@treelineoutdoors.com and we'll hook you up!