Buckeye Hatchet

$259.00 CAD


Reclaimed from Canadian Pacific Railway track tempered by years of rail travel, the head of the Buckeye Hatchet is hand-forged carbon steel by a 4th generation Blacksmith in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Canada.

Hardness of the head comes in at 58-61 HRC on the Rockwell Scale. Tight and straight grained handles are carved from solid Rosewood to stand up to the strongest of swings; perfectly weighted to get the job done. Sheaths crafted from Canadian leather and stitched by hand, complete the durability of this tool that will surely be handed down to future generations.

The Buckeye Hatchet, head weighing in at 2.75 pounds with a length of 19.75 inches, offers a classic Tomahawk style that will tap into your inner lumberjack. More of a tool than an axe, the Buckeye gets its name from a slang term for the railway coupling that connects rolling stock in a train. With three grip options on the handle, the Buckeye Hatchet is your versatile companion in the backcountry for chopping, trimming or hammering.


  • Hand-forged 58-61 HRC Carbon Steel Head
  • Rosewood handle
  • Hand-stitched leather sheath
  • 2.75 lb axe head
  • 19.75 inch handle

All Treeline’s Premium Bush Tools come with an owner’s manual to ensure your axe stays sharp and performing well.

No warranty on axes/hatchets

Made in Alberta, Canada.